I accept the following payments: Bank checks no personal checks, M.O., Paypal Paypal nickname is Philymancomics@comcast.net Checks could take 7-14 business days to clear.
Yes, I will consider all countries, but please contact me first. I will not ship to an unconfirmed address. My post office has raised its prices on international shipping, so please inquire if you are interested in a shipping price. Please contact me if you have questions. Philymancomics@comcast.net
Very well! I care what condition your comics get to you. I also know what happens to packages after they leave my hands. I have shipped over 15,000 packages since I started selling online. I have only had two lost packages in over 14 years of selling on the "net". Insurance is highly recommended.
I will ship after payment has cleared or arrived within 48 hours in most cases. This doesn't include weekends, or Holidays.
The shipping rates below are for media rate with delivery confirmation included. Priority rate is available, contact me for prices. They are based on weight and distance. Media rate for up to 4 lbs is only $3.99 That would be approximately 11 comics. The rate will go up about $1 for every 2 lbs. above the 4lbs rate. There are a few categories that are not $3.99. Wholesale comics and incentive comics. Incentive comics will be charge $4.99 which is for those who do not adhere to the rules on how to order those incentive comics. For all my customers who do read how my incentive comics work I will be happy to refund the extra $1.00.
Yes, I run a new comics subscription service, since 1987 in store and 1997 online. All my comics come with a bag and a board. The only exception would be my wholesale lots. Discounts start at 20% off cover and do go higher depending on your order. See my discount schedule just below! If you are interested please contact me at Philymancomics@comcast.net for all the details. Subscription Discount Plateaus 0-5 Monthly Titles: 20%. . . . 6-19 Monthly Titles: 25% . . . 20-35 Monthly Titles: 27% . . . 36-49 Monthly Titles: 30% . . . 50+ Monthly Titles: 35%
Here is my contact information. Michael Karetny P.O. Box 732 Turnersville, NJ 08012
Hmmm.... I don't want to rush you, but I would like payment sent to me within 7 days of your order. A courtesy email within 3 days of your order will allow me to know that you are serious and I will hold your comics for the 10 days. Without an email to confirm your order, I will cancel your order after 3 days.
I have started a category called "Special-Free Shipping". Buy one of those lots and get free shipping on that lot plus anything else you buy during that visit. Just my little way of saying thanks!
Comics are strictly graded based on the Overstreet price guide. I don't use "mint" as a grade since I think they are very rare. Comics are touched at least 4 times before they get to the shelf of your comic store. So getting that perfect book is quite hard to do. I grab all my copies before they hit the shelves. If you have any questions please drop me a line. I stand by all my comics, if you have any problems, please contact me so that I can resolve it.
For Media rate, shipping takes on average 7-10 days. I ship at least 3 times per week. If you buy on a Friday, your package will ship usually by Monday. Any other day, and its usually at the Post Office within 48 hours. Priority and insurance is always offered, just ask for a quote. Priority is faster but for the extra cost you might only save 3 or 4 days. For those of you on the west coast you might save a little more time and it might be worth it.
I pack very well and damage is extremely rare. I don't believe I have had any damaged packages in well over 8 years. I think you should get insurance for anything you don't want to loose. I can't be held liable for damage or loss by the United States Postal system if you don't purchase insurance. I do not make any money on insurance so ask me for a quote and it will be the exact amount the Post Office charges.
I use Media rate shipping from the USPS. This takes an average of 7-10 days. Remember I said "Average". It can be longer if you are on the West Coast, or shorter if you are local to me. I do my best to ship timely, and once its in the hands of the Post Office I do not have any control over how long it takes. I include with every order free delivery confirmation # so that you can track your package from me to you. The USPS site is updated every night. I do offer Priority shipping as well if you need that "fix" quicker. The cost is higher so its up to the individual to decide if the extra few dollars is worth a few days. Just ask me for a quote if you are interested.
Most customers pay right after they have submitted an order. If I don't get your payment I can't hold your comics. Ecrater's inventory system will not place a hold until payment is received. This will mean if someone comes along before you pay, they can buy your books. First payment wins. If I do not hear from a customer within 24 hours of not paying I will cancel their order. Please contact me if you have any questions.
My rules state that I will combine all your orders for one payment. When a second on more payment is needed because you want to add just another issue or two here is what I will do. Instead of being nasty and just charging you for more shipping, just give me a nice email stating that you want to add something to a just placed order. I will only charge you $1.00 for every extra order that you wish to add. This will cover the extra fee that I must pay for an extra payment. That is per extra order not per comic. I will need you to email me to make sure I haven't already packed your order. I try to pack an order up within 48 hours of payment. The sooner you ask me the more likely I can add it to your order. Once I pack an order, its just too late. Questions, please drop me a line.
NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS INCENTIVE PROGRAM We are working out new and exciting changes to our incentive program, more details will be posted shortly, but if you just cant wait ask us for more details on Facebook
All my new comics come with a bag and a board. On some lots or wholesale deals they may not. If you want to be sure, just drop me a line. I will always get back to you with an answer within 24 hours,unless someone blows up my internet.
If you have an unconfirmed address on Paypal, I will email you if you are in the USA, and ask you to confirm your shipping address with an email that states your address. Without this email, I will cancel your order. This insures that you actually placed the order, not someone who has stolen your identity. I will not ship overseas to an unconfirmed address.
These incentive comics are for any customer who spends $10 in comics from my store. For example you purchase $42.00 from my store in comics you may add 4 incentive comics to your order. On the other hand if you order $9.50 you don't qualify to add one of those incentives and that book would not get added to your order. Please note, the shipping amount does not count toward your $10. Example: If you purchase $7.00 worth of comics and then the shipping is added to your order bringing your order to $10.99($3.99 for shipping) you do not qualify to purchase an incentive comic since you must purchase at least $10 in comics. Do to the some people trying to circumvent the required minimum purchase of $10, I will charge $4.99 to ship anyone who only purchases an incentive comic. If you do qualify I will be happy to refund the extra shipping. I do not wish to punish my loyal customers. If you purchase an incentive book and do not qualify I reserve the right to refund your purchase minus paypal fees. If you have any questions please ask. Thanks for looking. MIKE!
If I only have one copy of a comic available and you purchase it, and then you think hey its still available and purchase it again. There is a catch, as I only had one copy to sell. Here is the one flaw I do not like with Ecrater. If you haven't paid with Paypal, then your item is available for anyone to purchase. If you delay in paying even for a few minutes, someone can come in and also purchase the same book. You both will be able to pay, but I am sending that book to the first person who bought it. Its a flaw that I really hate because it doesn't remove the item from inventory so a "mistake" can happen. It also costs me money in Paypal fees, even if I refund the total amount to the customer who didn't get the item. That is fine I will eat the cost. BUT!, if a customer intentionally purchases an item and goes back in to try to get it again and then pays for both copies( remember I only have one copy) I will refund the second purchase but I will now substract the Paypal fees from that second purchase. Please do not hit an item twice, and by all means do not pay for it twice, as I will be forced to pass on the fees to you. Paypal will not charge you until you hit the button authorizing payment. It will not be my fault if this happens and believe me its happened a few times too many. Please order with care! If you have a question about an order and you want to be sure I received it, please reach out to me via a message thru Ecrater or thru my email Philymancomics@comcast.net and I will get back to you.
This section was created to respond to the one feedback that I have recently gotten. While I do not claim to walk on water, I do my best to make sure every customer is treated fairly. Out of stock items do occur, but I have always offered a great deal to compensate a customer. My feedback does reflect this. I have recently had a customer who made a purchase, all books were in stock and they were a very popular title( Secret Wars #1 etc...2015) The customer got a great deal. He wanted other books but was not happy when I expected close to market rates for those addition issues. ( Those books were not listed for sale at the time of his purchase.) He decided he just didn't want any and told me to give him a refund. The refund was given and then he responded with a neutral feedback(thanks for that) Stating that the majority of my books were not available on my site, which is just not true. He gave up one Secret Wars #1, which he would have gotten for the Ultra cheap price of $1.79( NM book I might add) as he had spent the $20 to qualify for that incentive book. That book is going for between $15 and $25 on Ebay at the time of this writing. Not sure what is going on with that customer but all I can say is it was his loss. He may not have liked my prices for books not on my site, but he still had a great deal that he gave up on. Oh well, as they say you just can't make everyone happy. If anyone has an issue with my service please I only ask that you contact me first, If I can't help or refuse to, then by all means batter me on my feedback. Its just not how I have worked in over 25 years on the net. If I didn't care I wouldn't have spent some time trying to respond to an odd sale and feedback. The door is always open. I don't bite, I promise!!